Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Links to Book Clubs and Free (or cheap) Movies

(Thanks to Lynne for sending me this, which she got in an email)

Free & Cheap Movie Programs

It’s worth mentioning that I found a ton of small regional movie chains offering similar promotions as the ones below. If you have a small chain in town, you might want to call and inquire if they have any specials this summer.

AMC Entertainment: Tickets for Tuesday movies at 10am are only $1.

Carmike Cinemas: Again, tickets for Tuesday movies at 10am are only $1. It runs through August 10 and popcorn & drinks are also $1 to boot.

Cinemark Theatres: For $5, you can buy 10 movie tickets that can be used once per week on weekday mornings. Now someone just needs to mention that spelling theaters as theatres looks idiotic.

National Amusements: From July 7 to Aug. 11, kids and their parents can see a free movie every Wednesday at 10am. However, you have to bring a “book report” with you. What in the world is up with all of these free movie events occurring at 10am?

Regal Cinemas: Free movies will be shown at 10am every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rave Theaters: There will be free admission to G or PG rated movies every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am.

Free Reading Programs

Barnes & Noble: Children in grades 1-6 can read eight books through Sept. 7 and then get one free. They have a Summer Reading Journal to help keep track of your child’s books and select which one they’ll get for free.

Borders: Children 12 and under get a free book when they read at least 10 books by Aug. 26.

Half Price Books: They want to Feed Your Brain (*WARNING!* Potential Zombie Alert) between now and July 31. Kids ages 14 and under can earn a $3 Half Price Books shopping card for each week they read at least 15 minutes per day. They have a reading log to help keep track. A site I’ve never heard about is offering a “cool prize” for reading 10 books by Oct. 1. They have a form you can fill out that also has a slot for a t-shirt size, so I’m guessing that might be the prize.

Pizza Hut: Any child in grades K-6 who reads five books between June 15 and Aug. 15 can enter to win the Summer Break Reading Challenge. Prizes include swim gear, gift cards, and more.

Pottery Barn: They hold a Book Club every Tuesday from 11-11:30am. If your child attends five events, they get a “special gift.”

TD Bank: If any child under 18 reads 10 books between May 3 and Sept. 30

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  1. "Now someone just needs to mention that spelling theaters as theatres looks idiotic" - now they must be British if they spell it Theatre, I'm from England originally : )