Thursday, June 17, 2010

Personal Blog #1

Yesterday was mine and my husband's 14th wedding anniversary.  

The hubby and I decided to go into Philly and eat in "Olde City" which is the historic (and trendy) part of Philadelphia.  We walked around a little and ran into Franklin Fountain and decided to eat dessert first!  It is called Mt Vesuvius and we substituted Coconut ice cream instead of Vanilla or Chocolate.  It was delicious.  Apparently, The Franklin Fountain is a historical ice cream parlor which uses all freshly made ingredients in an old time soda fountain and ice cream parlor.  It was definitely worth the trip.  The ice cream was rich and creamy, probably one of the best ice cream's I've ever eaten.  The hot fudge was thick and rich.  They added a sprinkle of malt on top and while my husband didn't find it necessary, I found that it added a nice texture to the sundae.

 After dessert we decided to eat at Q BBQ & Tequila and had a great (and filling) dinner.  We shared a combo platter of brisket/pulled pork and a 1/2 rack of ribs.  Both were great, but my favorite was the ribs!

We decided to go to the BenFM Birthday Bash at Cavanaugh's Riverdeck because we had previously won tickets to the private event.  The guests that were performing were Freedom Williams from C&C Music Factory and Rob Base.  We saw a little of both performers and WOW it brought back some memories of the 80's. We enjoyed our free drinks, free photo booth pictures and promotional swag from Xfinity.  We decided after about an hour to hit the road and go to Parx Casino and try our luck.  

The last time we went to Parx we won $17 combined but this time we were not so lucky.  We left with our pockets a little bit lighter than we arrived.  After a very eventful evening we decided to go home and spend the last few minutes of our anniversary at home, relaxing.  I suppose that could be interpreted as a sign of old age, but, I like to think of it as being nice to the babysitter (my mom) and letting her get home at a decent time.

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